Vacheron Constantin replica watches has published a pair of classic

Vacheron Constantin replica watches has published a pair of classic watches with a triple calendar based on 1940s brand models. The Historiques collection is Vacheron's home for its famous watches from the past to be reborn, so it is in fact special models with modern attributes updated such as materials, movements and dimensions. There are actually a number of differences between the two models, in addition to the addition of a complication of the Moon Phase with regard to the limited edition Vacheron Constantin Historiques Triple Calendrier 1948. For the Historiques collection, which tends to include many precious metal cases, it is also remarkable that Vacheron Constantin Historique's Triple Calendrier 1942 watches are made of steel.

The new Historique's Triple Calendrier watches are both rooted in the Vacheron 4240 watch from what the brand defines as the "golden age" for watches with these complications - and aesthetics. 4240 was popular, and such triple calendars would greatly contribute to Vacheron Constantin's reputation at the time. While the original was 35 mm, which would be considered very small for a modern men's watch, the remakes are larger but remain moderate for modern taste. In fact, both watches from 1942 and 1948 share the same dimensions of 40 mm wide and 10.35 mm thick, water resistant up to 30 m. They could share measurements, design features and even basic movements, but the differences in dials and bags mean that replica watches uk they feel more than just versions of the same watch.

First of all, Vacheron Constantin Historique's Triple Calendrier 1942 is made of steel with "chlorine" fins - not to be confused with "horn" handles, as in Vacheron Constantin Historique Cornes De Vache 1955 (happens here). Both the Vacheron Constantin Historique's Triple Calendrier watches from 1942 and 1948 also have structured (in my opinion) structured aspects of the case which I will describe as ribbed, lacking a better term. Each model also shares the "raised" steering wheel above the steering wheel - since the brand information does not refer to the material used (and they mention that the caseback display is sapphire), I wonder if it went with some kind of mineral crystal to keep it more faithful to the original the vintage.

Vacheron Constantin Historique's Triple Calendrier from 1948 comes in a more familiar case in rose gold with 18 carat with traditional fins - and of course includes a lunar phase indicator integrated in the clock at 6 o'clock. In addition to the lunar phase, both the clocks 1942 and 1948 have the same functions and the basic movement, with day and month in rectangular diaphragms in the upper part of the dial, the date indicated by a "pointer" hand along the circumference of the ring and a sub-dial for seconds at 6 o'clock. The discrete buttons on the side of the case are used to adjust the various calendar data (and the moon phase for 1948). The Vacheron Constantin Historique's Triple rolex replica Calendrier steel clock from 1942 printed Arabic numerals for the index, while the Vacheron Constantin Historique's Triple Calendrier clock has a mixture of applied Roman numerals and triangular indices.